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We are driven by the passion to help you unleash the full potential of your people and future-proof your business – and we believe that technology is a game changer and a critical enabler in sustaining an organization’s success.

Our Philosophy

We are fuelled by the belief that a people-centric organisational culture, astute adoption of technology, evidence based decision-making, and a strong talent pipeline help organisations create competitive advantage.   


Based in Mauritius, we help both local and international companies solve their people-related challenges through an evidence-based and pragmatic approach grounded on behavioural science principles. Whilst we acknowledge the value of ‘best practices’, we appreciate that organizational context is a critical factor in finding ‘best-fit’ solutions. We therefore leverage on our consulting and in-house experience to find solutions relevant for your business.  

Our Advisors

We are a community of seasoned advisors with extensive in-house and consulting experience at a local and international level ready to partner with you in solving your business challenge.

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