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We are proud and privileged to partner with leaders in their respective domains.

Nordic Reward Partners, Prometheans Mauritius

A fast growing boutique Scandinavian firm that offers a full range of consultancy services in the reward field. It works with organizations throughout Europe, operating as outside advisors or as part of in-house reward functions

network perspective, Prometheans Mauritius

A software development company specialized in measuring & changing collaboration habits in teams with data from calendars, chats, emails. Their app brings together benchmarks, micro-actions & automations to guide teams in better time investment and better collaboration

A leading consulting firm specialized in talent management, organisational and leadership development, strategy execution and culture change with more than 900,000 alumni, 215 consultants and associates in 28 countries. 


Praisidio is an AI-powered People Analytics company.  Praisidio unifies business and people data and applies patented machine learning and generative AI to answer people analytics questions instantly. All HR and Business leaders need to do is ask questions - no more data manipulation or manual spreadsheet analysis is required. Its clients include Fortune 1000 companies across different industries.

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